Holiday Party RSVP Now

The holidays will be upon us before we know it.  The Annual Meeting and elections take place Thursday, December 5th, 7:30pm in the AARC club house.  Ten days later, on Sunday December 15th we hold our annual holiday dinner event, where we thank the old Board, meet the new Board, give the kids presents, and hand out some holiday door prizes.  Its also a great time to renew your membership for 2020!  RSVP now!


501(c)(3) Reinstated !!!

As of October 24, 2019 the IRS has once again declared the Anne Arundel Radio Club to be a tax exempt organization.  To view the communication from the IRS click here.

Do radio for a living

This is a GS-12/13 entry level at $83,398 to $128,920 per year.


The incumbent performs "watch duty" and serves as a technical authority providing technical assistance and guidance to communication systems users to resolve radio interference complaints and problems; and collects radio signal analysis information.  Uses radio signal analysis equipment deployed throughout the United States to collect, correlate, analyze, characteristics of radio signals involved in interference problems, distress or safety-related signals or other radio signals involved in other high priority activities such as law enforcement or national defense, to include HF, VHF, and UHF.   Collects radio signal analysis information; analyzes complaints, inquires, and comments from multiple sources; investigates compliances with the Commission's rules and regulations; and determines the appropriate actions utilizing FCC's remote high frequency network of radio direction finders and radio signal analysis equipment.  Develops definitive technical solutions concerning telecommunications system architectures, interoperability, expansion potential, and overall end-to-end compatibility and net centricity.  Interacts with public, licensees of various radio services, private industries, other government agencies, and representatives of foreign governments.  Represents the Bureau in meetings within and outside the agency.  Conducts formal and on-the-job training of co-workers, new recruits, clients, and USTTI participants.


Full-Scale Active Assailant Exercise

On Wednesday, December 11th, 2019, the Annapolis Office of Emergency Management (OEM), the Annapolis Fire Department (AFD), and the Annapolis Police Department (APD) will be conducting a Full-Scale Active Assailant Exercise and we need YOU to help us! 

Volunteers will play the roles of victims, survivors, and family members. Youth under 18 years must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. The Annapolis OEM will provide free food for all volunteers. 

Local Clubs

There was a discussion on the Holly net regarding radio clubs around Maryland.

Here is a PDF attachment that is printable/downloadable and clickable with the information that was desired.


Click thru on article to download the file.


AARC Clothing For Sale

On the "Members" menu, you will find "Club Clothing".  If you wish to order just complete the page as instructed and push "Submit".  Your order will be automatically forwarded to Jim Goldsberry KB3NQY who will place one master order for all merchandise ordered at some point this fall.  The completed items will be delivered to Jim, after which he will bring them to club meetings for distribution and payment.