The Election Is Over

2022 Officers Elected

December 2nd, the AARC Annual Meeting was held, and club officers for 2022 were elected.  Retaining their positions for another year were:

President, Eric Berman KC3GDV

Vice President, Jeff Coomes, KC3OQP

WI-FI at the Clubhouse

Upgrades are in progress on the technical infrastructure at the clubhouse.

You will see a new WIFI network on the air now, it is called AARC-GUEST

This is what you will use for any phones, tablets, laptops, and whatever else you have.

When you first connect you will get a Welcome screen and a button to click to accept the terms.

The password is posted in the clubhouse.

You should notice an increase in speed as we have our own internet connection


The notice of fees was published on March 19 2021. Usually they become effective 30 days after which would have been today. They have NOT gone into effect yet.






Website Article Notifications

The website can be setup to send you an email notifications when a new article is posted.By default this is not enabled for each user.

This PDF will show the steps to do to setup to enable this feature.

Click on this article to open the PDF attachment at the bottom of this post.


Special Sale



The Anne Arundel Radio Club

is offering a complete station

for any member that has upgraded to


within the last year.

New Membership Secretary

Huey Treadwell, AB3GS has agreed to take over the vacant position of Membership Secretary.  He is already managing additions and corrections for website access and the mailing list, and will soon take over the Roster operation as well.

Huey is the right man for the job, and your President could not be happier.


New Slow Speed CW Contest

The K1USN Radio Club in Massachusetts is launching a new weekly, one hour long, slow-speed contest called the K1USN SST.  This will be on Sunday's 8pm to 9pm local time (0000-0100 Monday UTC) with suggested frequencies at 3.532 to 3.539 MHz, 7.0032-7.039 MHz and 14:032-14.039 MHz.  Stations will exchange call sign, neme, and state, privince or country.  This contest is limite to a 20 wpm maximum speed rate, with participants encouraged to slow down as needed.Ch

Until Further Notice

Until Further Notice all Anne Arundel Radio Club Meetings will be held on Zoom!

First, you should know that unless otherwise stated meetings are from 7:30pm till approximately 9:00pm on the days in question.  Further you should know that a Zoom Meeting Invite, will contain the Meeting ID and Password needed to be a part of that meeting. 

New Here Perhaps?


I recently received an email from a member who obviously didn't understand some of the basics of how our club works.  I thought "Maybe he's not alone?"  So I wrote up a page of stuff for Noobies to the AARC.  Stuff every member should know.  If you are new here.... I suggest you click on the heading above and read it. 

Repeater Feed on Website

There is now a live feed of the 147.105 repeater on the W3VPR website. It is hosted by, where it is also available. 

The feed is currenlty being fed by KB3YMU using a Uniden BCD436 scanner, an old Dell laptop running Proscan. The site is backed up with UPS and generator.

This is an informational feed due to the delay(90 seconds), this is just inherint in the network between the capture of the audio, transmision to the Broadcastify site and encoding time for internet broadcast.

It is not meant to use in conjunction with realtime communications, rather for when you are unable to receive the signal or for testing your rig, you are able to transmit and then wait to hear your transmission via broadcastify.

If you have any question you may contact



In 2018/2019 we created new Application Forms, Membership Renewal Forms, Waiver Forms, Yearly Survey Forms and Photographic Release Forms both online and hard copy.   But its clear from what is being filled out that many members don't understand the reasons for each, and even who should fill them out.

So, if you want to understand the process...... click here.

Stuff to Do as You Renew

Last year we instituted a door prize at the Holiday Party just for those who took part in filling out the Yearly Survey.  At the party, a large number of members all of a sudden wanted to fill in the form, and since we had computers online, they were able to do so, and participate.  This year, we won't be having Internet Access at the Holiday Party.  So if you want to take part, you must (assuming you haven't done so, and most haven't) please go online now, and fill out the Yearly Survey for 2019. 

Local Clubs

There was a discussion on the Holly net regarding radio clubs around Maryland.

Here is a PDF attachment that is printable/downloadable and clickable with the information that was desired.


Click thru on article to download the file.