Marine Corp Marathon


The 2019 Marine Corp Marathon (the 44th Annual) comes up October 27th this year.  While the Marines keep looking for a few good men, the race organizers are looking for a few good hams .... to volunteer to help with communtications, that is.  To volunteer, click here.

Local Clubs

There was a discussion on the Holly net regarding radio clubs around Maryland.

Here is a PDF attachment that is printable/downloadable and clickable with the information that was desired.


Click thru on article to download the file.


AARC Clothing For Sale

On the "Members" menu, you will find "Club Clothing".  If you wish to order just complete the page as instructed and push "Submit".  Your order will be automatically forwarded to Jim Goldsberry KB3NQY who will place one master order for all merchandise ordered at some point in June.  The completed items will be delivered to Jim, after which he will bring them to club meetings for distribution and payment.