How Its Done

Special Event Net Control.JPG

Our Crack Team of Net Controllers Hard at Work (Really!!!)

Typically we come equipped with camper, equipped with an antenna mast sufficient to put the antennahigh  enough to cover the entire range of the event.  Typically 2 meters is used for communications between most points, though a portable 70cm repeater is occasionally employed, and for large events club repeaters are pressed into servicea swell.

A net controller and assistants man the network control station in that camper from well in advance of the event till well after it is declared over.  Volunteers, using tactical call signs, are assigned to various locations along the course.  Sometimes these locations are water stops or first aid stations, while others are at critical turning points for the competitors. .Typically 2 volunteer hams will be assigned per location, to insure coverage throughout the event.  In addition one volunteer is assigned to the events director, so that he or she can be in touch with any location at a moment's notice.  .

Please Join Us
The work is not difficult, though at times the weather or other natural conditions can make it uncomfortable.  But it does require willing volunteers with hand held 2m or 2m/70cm capabilities and a can-do spirit. If you are such a ham, we'd love to have you volunteer.