Course Preregistration

Before you make your course selection(s), you need to know there are three classes of amateur radio license that you can receive, Technician, General and Amateur Extra.  To receive a Technician license you must pass the FCC Element 2 exam.  To receive a General license you must pass Elements 2 and 3, and to become an Extra you must pass Elements 2, 3 and 4.  So it is best to start with a Technician class first, and work your way up.  Morse Code is rather an optional skill that will increase your ability to communicate.  But like learning a musical instrument it takes a lot of time an practice, but once learned is something you'll have for life.

Please note that in past years we have done all classes Saturday mornings from 8:30am till noon.  This year we are considering switching to Sunday mornings 8:30am till noon, or Saturday or Sunday afternoons, 1pm till 4:30pm.  Once that decision is made we will post it on this page. 

Until further notice all courses will be held remotely, using Zoom.