MESH Group

MESH on Field Day.pngNote: this information is for club historical reference as the MESH group is no longer active.


A few years ago, someone discovered you could modify old Linksys Routers into self networking High Speed Multi-Media MESH devices.  A group of hams with an interest in the subject was quickly formed, and various Linksys devices were converted for MESH use.  Various Ubiquity devices were found to be MESH friendly as well, capable of larger memories, and faster networking at higher speeds.  Experiments in range and compatability were conducted, and in 2015 and 2016 MESH units were used to connect logging computers at the AARC Field Day site.  Club members even experimented in sending video over MESH links during the Annapolis 10K race.   (Two converted Linksys routers and a high gain antenna, all used for Field Day 2016 are shown to the right)..