Cherry Pit 10 Mile Run

cherrypit.pngApril 7, 2024cherrypit.png

Last year's Cherry Pit 10 miler was a very successful event despite the rain that poured for most of the rate.  Most hams were in position 0730, though there were some exceptions.  This year we are hopeful the rain will be somewhere else on April 2nd.  The Cherry Pit starts and finishes at the South River High School.  Jeff Coomes, KC3OQP coordinates this event and did a splendid job relocating human resources as needed just prior to the race.  The Anne Arundel Radio Club thanks all members and non-members who helped with the event.

Cherry Pitt.png

A map of the event can be downloaded and printed by accessing the 2015 Cherry Pit 10 Mile Race Course.  A full color version of the course map is also available with Tactical locations marked.  A list of available volunteer positions for a typical Cherry Pit 10 miler can be viewed and downloaded at the 2015 Cherry Pit 10 Mile Race assignments.  The assignments in 2015 consisted of 1 Net Controller, 1 Race Director, 4 water stops, 6 observer locations, and 1 bicycle rider for a minimum total of 13 Amateur Radio Operators required for the event.

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