Bylaw Required 'Waiver'

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The Bylaws of the Anne Arundel Radio Club require that a ‘waiver’ be signed as a requirement for Membership by all adults, and that a parent or guardian sign such a waiver on behalf of all minor children members.  This ‘waiver’ is part of our Membership Renewal and Membership Application forms as approved by the Board for club

There were several problems with this arrangement, so we have upgraded the Bylaw Required 'Waiver' form to allow it to be used to indicate agreement to the 'Waiver' by an adult member who has not previously so signed, and to allow the parent or guardian of any minor child members to sign on their behalf so they so they may be added to an existing Family Membership.  

As before, should you prefer to submit a paper form, one is available to be downloaded from our web site by clicking here. 

Only Once
Our ‘Waiver’ need only be signed once.  That is to say that on subsequent renewals it will not be needed as the original agreement to the ‘waiver’ remains in effect.  Those who remain under 18 need not sign such a document as their parent or guardian has already signed such an agreement on their behalf. 

Age 18
Those reaching 18 will be notifiied that they have 90 days to sign the waiver themselves as adults, before any lapse in membership might occur.  .  

If your Call Sign, class of license, email address, or a phone number should change, or the call sign, class of license, email address, or a phone number of any minor children on your membership should change, please notify the club Secretary or Membership Secretary.  Since none of you are required to re-sign this agreement yearly, you are responsible to notify the Anne Arundel Radio Club so the official roster may be kept up to date.   

Mail any completed paper forms to the Anne Arundel Radio Club to:

PO Box 308
Davidsonville, MD 21035

Hand Delivery
You may also deliver your completed form, in person, to the Secretary, or Membershp Secretary of the Anne Arundel Radio Club at any Membership or Board Meeting. 

View or Download
Again, you may click here to view or download a copy of this form.

Bylaw Required Waiver

For adults who are part of a Family Membership, but not currently signed to this waiver, or Family Member adults who are required to sign on behalf of minor children for whom they are parent or guardian.  Thus if you do not have a Family Membership you do not need to fill in this form.

Be aware that the information you have provided above will not be shared with anyone outside the membership of the Anne Arundel Radio Club. When you fill out this form you are provided the option to select a 'Private' option for each phone number. If so marked that phone number will not be distributed in any manner to the general mamebership, but rather will be accessible only by members of the Board. We take your privacy very seriously here and as such your personal information is only available to club officers and the webmasters.

By entering my full legal name in the Digital Signature box below, I am affixing my Digital Signature to the above terms.

The Final Steps
After you have completed this form press the 'Preview' button below.  You will be given a chance to review your selections and return to edit them before pressing 'Submit'. Once you do press 'Submit' you are done.  Congratualtions you have completed the 'Waiver' signing process either for your minor child or children, yourself, or both.  Thank you very much for completing this for us.

Anne Arundel Radio Club
P.O. Box 308
Davidsonvillle, MD  21035

After You Are Done
If you are a seasoned "ham" you might want to take the opportunity to fill out or "Yearly Survey" found on the "Members" submenu.  You will have access to that page as soon as  your membership is finalized.  If you are new to the hobby, we suggest you operate for a while before completing the survey as it may some take time to develop your interests.

NOTE:  A copy of this form will be emailed to the address you entered above.  It should serve as a receipt that we have received your application.

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