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Field Day 2021 Is History!!!!!

As a reminder here is one of the activities from Field Day!

This year we took the Rocket Launcher down even faster than shown below.  OK, not faster than the video, but under 45 minutes for sure.  If you show up next year, I bet we do it even faster.


This is the lowering of the rocket launcher after field day. The process took about 45 minutes, here it is condensed down to about 2 minutes.



Thanks for the Opposition

As a result of opposition by the Ham Radio Community and others to the FCC's recent license fee proposals, the FCC has lowered the proposed fee from $50 to $35.  Not the perfect answer many had hoped for but a direct improvement.  Details have not been finalized by the FCC, and we are told that we will get 30 days notice before such new rules are implemented. 

What this tells me, is that if you want to get a new license, upgrade your current license, or apply for a vanity call sign, now is the time to do it as you still have a chance to do so before the $35 fees go into effect.

The Envelope Please....

The Anne Arundel Radio Club is proud to announce the winner of the very first Maryland Club Membership Participation Trophy based on entries from the Maryland DC QSO Party 2020.  And the winner is:

The Northeast Maryland Amateur Radio Contest Society

Pulse Point

There is a new web appication that allows you to see emergency calls in Anne Arundel County.

It is called Pulse Point . After defining the area or agency you can then select what types of incidents you would like to be notified of.

W3VPR In The Community -- Amateur Radio To The Rescue

W3VPR In The Community -- Amateur Radio To The Rescue

Today (July 22, 2020), an alert amateur radio operator (an AARC member) was able to do a radio assist to a fellow HAM in distress. Sometime between Noon and 1:00pm, the local HAM answered what he thought was a normal CQ contact, that escalated quickly. The caller had been out walking, and was overcome by the heat. He began to not feel well, but his cell phone was dead. Luckily, he had a handheld with him, and called out to anyone on the 147.075 repeater for assistance.