Want to "Hunt Fox"?

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Fox Hunt Countdown

Participants Are Needed!  And Soon!

The idea is to meet up around 9am September 14th at the club house, load up equipment and personnel into team cars, and meet somewhere for donuts and coffee while the Fox hides.  The hunt itself should start around 10am, and problable end with a winner sometime before noon.  Upon our return to the club house the annual Club Picnic will be held at the pavillion.

But to make this work we need participants.  Each team needs a vehicle, a Fox Hunt antenna, a compass andl either the right GPS phone app made for Fox Hunting, or a good old fashioned compass and map.  It also needs 3 or 4 people to perform the tasks needed to find the hidden transmitter in a timely manner.  This is where you come in. 

Below you will find your all purpose sign up form.  You can either sign up a complete or partial team, or just as a person who has "no team yet".  Its up to you.  Those who volunteer will be matched pre-event to a team who could use their talents.  Please note which equipment you already have, so we know who to match you up with.  And thanks for taking part.

We only need 3 or 4 teams to make this work.  So the ball is in your court.  73s.

Team Signup

Drives team vehicle and operates radio.
Calculates routes for the driver.
Determines compass direction to Fox.
Points antenna toward the Fox.

Individual Signup

Needs a team to participate with.


NOTES:  Vehicle should have room
for 4, plus all equipment. Antenna
must be directional and easily
removed and returned to vehicle.
Teams with extra equipment to
loan out may contact

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