Help Wanted !!!

Welcome the the help wanted section of our web site.  This is where we will be posting a list of jobs looking for people at the Anne Arundel Radio Club.  Its simple.  If you want the job, just email any Board member and let us know. 

1.  I have good news, and bad news.  Mike Watterson K3MAW has a new job.  Good for him.  Bad for us.  He has resigned from the Membership Secretary effective immediately.  So the club needs a new Membership Secretary.  This person must manage the club's master databace, see that new members are added to the  mailing list, are given the proper access to the web site.  The Membership Secretary must also determine when and if new applicants are ready to be voted on, and notify the Secretary or the President of same so that votes can be scheduled.  Similarly he must keep the proper information as needed for the membership, distributing same as requested, and advise the President as to the current total membership of the club.  The only easy part of the job is, the Membership Secretary is not required to attend meetings, only supply information.  If yo are interested, contact the President at

2,  We are looking for a complete staff for this web site.  We need people who know how to maintain web sites.  We need those who can do updates, and backups, and test out new moduals.  We need editors, to write the many pages we post yearly.  A lot of it is just writing up things for committee and team leaders who don't have the Drupal skills you will need to do this job.  We can teach you if you want to learn.  We need photographers, and photo editors.  We need people who can keep track of the out of date, and update it.  And we don't need 2 people to do all this, we heed a real committee of 5 or 6 at least.  Wanna learn how.  Just ask.

3.  We are looking for someone to take inventory of the valuable equipment owned by this club.  We need someone who will know what it is, where it goes, and how to mark it as club property as needed to fill this position in Logistics.  .

4.  We need a historian.  This is someone who will read through the Ham Arundel News issues from 2003 to the present, and bring the online version of this club's storied history to life.

5.  We need a ham shack manager.  When our ham shack eventually has the antennas it needs, and the distribution panels it deserves, someone is going to have to take charge of the place.  This indiviaul will head up a committee of folks who will open and close the shack on a regular basis, and make sure everything is back in its place when closed.  This person will also have to keep track of who is properly trained and with which equpment.  And you'd need to work closely with our Trustee to make sure everything is done the way the FCC would like to see it done.