B & A Trail Marathon

March 24, 2024

Marathon and Half-Marathon

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The Baltimore and Annapolis (B&A) Trail Marathon and Half Marathon for 2024 will take place Sunday, March 26th and start at 7:30 AM. The event start and end were both at the new Severna Park High School.

Prior to the event, volunteers can clicked here to sign up to help with communications for the event, and click here if they had questions.

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We have downloadable color maps for both the Full Marathon and Half-Marathon courses. They can be right-clicked, downloaded and printed or enlarged on screen.  A hand drawn map of the 2019 B&A Trail Marathon Course is available for viewing and download.  A list of the 2015 B&A Trail Marathon assignments is available for viewing and download here,  It shows 2 Net Controller positions, a Race Director, 9 manned course locations and a single ham radio equipped bicycle. 

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