AARC History 1991

'91' Off to Good Start
The 1991 Installation Dinner was held on January 18th at the Bay Ridge Inn for President Doug Sweely/N2IBM, Vice-President Carter Anderson/N3GRX, Secretary Harold (Bob) Dove/KA3OCZ, Treasurer Robert (Bob) Israel/WC3I and Directors David Walter/N3BFO, Margie Currey/KA3PQP and Oscar Ramsey/NV3G. In the Fall Oscar started teaching a Novice/Tech class on Thursday evenings. Glenn Biggerstaff/N3HUV took his place for the rest of the year.

AARC Gives Test to Nation's First 'No Code' Technician
Bob Williams/N3IYF, the very first No-Code Tech in the U.S., was given the Novice and Tech tests at the AARC Clubhouse during the February testing session. Holly/N3BMB was surprised and proud to be selected the FAR "Ham of the Month" for March. Nancy Alley/NT3Z, Anne Arundel County Radio Officer, was awarded the Most Outstanding Citizen Volunteer Award by the Anne Arundel County Office of Emergency Management.

Noteworthy Accomplishments
Buck Watson/KC3Y and John Williams/K8JW were made Life Members of AARC. Buck was recognized for his work with the Maryland Slow Net and John for his (almost) single-handed maintenance of all our repeater systems. In February, and again in April, members of MSN (Maryland Slow Net) conducted sessions on net procedures and how to check into MSN. Early in the year, a replacement MICOR Receiver was installed in the 147.105 repeater by John/K8JW, Oscar/NV3G and Doug/N2IBM. The circuit board interconnects were cleaned and sprayed with a special chemical to resist corrosion. The North County Machine (147.075) was relocated to the Millersville tower.

Novices Spring Up & Field Day is Not Far Behind
The annual Spring Novice Class resulted in 28 new Hams. Most of them accepted their free memberships in AARC for the remainder of the year. About 30 Club members participated in Field Day. They set up two FD stations, a Novice/Tech station and a packet station on the DFRC grounds. Over 400 contacts were made (mostly CW), including 36 points for the Novice station. They obtained all possible 700 bonus points.

Club Scores Big at Maryland QSO Party
In August several Club members had fun manning the rig in the hamshack to participate in the MD-DC QSO Party. Their efforts filled almost six log sheets with 116 contacts for 256 points and a score of 7,680, with multipliers.

Funding Sought for New Clubhouse Rig
It was decided in October that the radio station at the clubhouse should be upgraded with a new transceiver. The cost of doing this was outside of normal operating expenses. So, the Board started a fund-raising drive for the new equipment by contributing $100. Contributions started coming in.

Bill Cook, K3CN Becomes Silent Key
William Edward ("Bill") Cooke/K3CN became a silent key on December 2nd. Bill was a Ham for 55 years and a member of AARC for 34 years. He served in each of the official Club positions. A fund-raising effort resulted in a 1992 Scholarship of $850 in his honor to be administered by FAR. The Club hamshack was named "The Bill Cooke Memorial Hamshack".

Serving the Publin in '91'
Carter Anderson/N3GRX served as Activities Coordinator. Public Service Events included: Marlborough Hunt Club Races, March of Dimes Walk-a-Thon and the YWCA 10k Run in Annapolis in April, the Boating Fun Fest '91 and Bay Bridge Swim in June, the MS Bike-a-Thon and the Annapolis 10-mile Run in August, the ADA Walk-a-Thon in Annapolis and Chesapeake Appreciation Days in October. The Club took part again in FIRST NIGHT ANNAPOLIS with a message center.