Upcoming 2023 Event

Scheduled Participants

The following is a partial list of those who plan to operate from each county and/or city in Maryland during the next Maryland-DC QSO Party. There likely will be many more who haven't emailed up their plans yet! If you live in or near a county that is blank below, please activate a county and let us know.

The Anne Arundel Radio Club invites individuals and amateur radio clubs to sponsor and award. The primary need is plaques for the first place winners of the event's operating categories. If you would like to sponsor a plaque, a donation of $30 will cover it's cost ($20 for the plaques, $10 for packing and postage). Sponsors of a plaque will be recognized on the plaque itself unless anonymity is required.

Cash donations are always welcome. Donations of additional, unique "Maryland" prizes are also welcome. They need not be expensive. Prize ideas might include a can of Old Bay, Ravens or Orioles paraphernalia, etc.

If you are interested in helping the Maryland-DC QSO Party by sponsoring an award, please contact us at mdcqsop@w3vpr.org. All donors will be recognized on the Maryland QSO Party website. Thank you!

Call Sign    Category    County/Counties              Comments
W3VPR       Club             Anne Arundel (ANA)           We are the bonus station

Activate a County

The more counties activated during the Maryland-DC QSO Party, the more fun and enjoyment everyone has. If you plan to participate in this event for a few hours or for the entire event from a certain Maryland county, please contact us and let yourself be known! We'll put you in the list above. Be sure to give us your call sign, county or counties you'll be participating from, the bands you'll be operating on, the modes you plan on using and the approximate times of operation. If you are going mobile, and have a travel plan, let us know that too. Thanks again. See you on the air!

Plaque Sponsors

If hou had sponsored a plaque for this year's Maryland-DC QSO Party, your name or business name would go here.

Event Donor                               Prize Donated
Joe Donor                                     First Place Non-MDC Club Station Plaque

Sponsor a Plaque

Friends of the Maryland-DC QSO Party, here is your chance to make minning even more enjoyable.

Participants completing the event in first place in the carious Maryland-DC QSO Party categories will receive an award (plaque and/or certificate). Winning multi-op teams will receive a single plaque plus certificates for each team member. Additional prizes may be offered too.