AARC History 1992

Officers Retain Their Jobs But the Clubhouse Rig Changes
The entire slate of officers for 1991 was reelected to serve during 1992. The Installation Dinner was held on January 17th in the Bay Ridge Inn.  The fund-raising effort netted over $1100 and a new Kenwood 450 with speech synthesizer and an MRC automatic antenna tuner for the hamshack. The Drake TR-7 was sold.

Novice Class Nets 28 New Licenses
The 1992 Novice Class resulted in 28 new Hams, thanks to the expert teaching of Jerry/N3BDW, Tony/WA3YLO and Oscar/N3VG. Field Day, coordinated by Doug/N2IBM, resulted in a 7th place nationwide in 2A Battery with 401 contacts and 4200 points.

Aviation Net Started
Because quite a few of the Club members are aviators, Jeff Katz/N3KZV sought and received permission to start an aviation net on the 147.075 machine on Monday nights, beginning June 1st. The meetings soon settled down to the first Monday night of each month.

A Lot Happened in 1992
A group of Club members gathered at the clubhouse to enter the MD-DC QSO Party in August, but due to equipment and antenna problems their contacts numbered less than 50. On August 20th AARC voted in Randy Crenwelge/WB5LPN as its 400th member. In March Bill Bevan/N3BET received Life Membership in the Club for his many years work on the newsletter (makeup man and stapler) and for years of working public service events. At the August program meeting Jerry Herman/N3BDW was presented with an AARC Life Membership for his work over many years both as technical director of equipment and as an instructor for the annual Novice Classes.

AARC Take a Trip by Rail
Through the efforts of Bob McCown/N3IYI, AARC chartered a nine-car train for an afternoon trip in the Maryland mountains the last Saturday in August. One hundred and five Club members, families and friends enjoyed the outing. An HF Special Event Station was set up in Jack Deasy's private car "St. Regis River". About 100 contacts were made in less than ideal propagation. Besides HF, 2-meter and packet contacts were also made from the train.

Club Santa Becomes Silent Key
The two family social events, the summer picnic and the Christmas party, were tremendous successes. They have become tradition.  On December 10th Life-Member Paul C. ("Nicki") Buinicki, Sr. became a Silent Key. He was the Club's "Santa" for many years, the cook, the popcorn man, as well as an ever-present helper. The Club kitchen was named "Nick's Galley" in his honor.

Lots of Public Service Events
Doug Sweely/N2IBM filled in from mid-year as Activities Coordinator for the following Public Service events: The first Annapolis Marathon on the B&A Trail in March, The Marlborough Hunt Club Races, the MS Walk-a-Thon, YWCA 10K Run, March of Dimes Walk-a-Thon and Christmas in April in April, the Bay Bridge Swim in June, The Annapolis 10-mile Run in August, the Bluegrass Festival at DFRC, The Striders 16-mile Road Race and Chesapeake Appreciation Days in October and FIRST NIGHT ANNAPOLIS on New Year's Eve. The weather this year did not cooperate with CA Days. The wet and bone-chilling weather kept the hoped-for crowds away in droves.

(Ed. Note: This history of AARC stops at the end of 1992.  The rest of the story depends on the decisions and activities of the AARC Executive Board and the membership.)