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AARC Nominating Questionnaire

2021 Board of Directors

AARC is one of the largest and most active amateur radio clubs, not only in Anne Arundel county, but within the whole state of Maryland.  We are all proud of it's activities and achievements.  One of the reasons for its success has been our leadership, which guides and organizes our club activities, and we want to maintain that high level of commitment and quality of leadership of our offices in the years to come.  For that reason, we are asking those nominated for a position on our Board of Directors to answer a few questions to help inform our membership as they vote for our leadership for next year.  Thank you for your willingness to be nominated and serve on our Board!

INSTRUCTIONS:  Include with which club you have had previous radio club board experience, the month and year that each term of service began and ended, and what office or offices you have held during each period of service.
INSTRUCTIONS  Please include month and year when such leadership positions began and ended and a little about what the position entailed.