Annual Member Survey

At the end of the year the club encourages our members to complete our yearly survey. This year we have added more items that capture your interests.

We also have added an area to the survey for you to note your equipment, which you can complete if you wish to mentor (or Elmer) members.

Please take a few minutes to complete the annual survey at


We came in past several other clubs because of the lessons. I strongly suggest you continue them.

 I have seen much improvement in the website although it is not always easy to explore and learn from an I don't already know point of view.

I really enjoy The Holleynet and the Echolink node that K3HRT,  David has added. Please help him improve it's usefulness and decrease it's delay.

I am still new to the hobby and have much to learn. 

I still haven't managed the listings and calandar well enuff to participate in many things, kit building among them. Acronyms, Some assembly required and learning curves remain more cop-out roadblocks than helpful expressions. 

There will always be new equipment and accessories to sort out with member's commemts helping to indicate their existance even when the phoenetics on the radio has made it impossible to follow their clues to a useful website. 

73's, Steve, KC3ZAX