August 4 meeting speaker: Dr. Michael Carper

Dr. Michael Carper of Ham Radio Deluxe will be the guest speaker (via Zoom) for the August 4 meeting. 

Dr. Carper is the remaining one of three co-founders who founded HRD Software, LLC in 2012. During 2017, he took an active role in managing portions of daily business operations of HRD Software with a focus is on Sales, Support, and Digital Marketing. Today, he sets the agenda product development.

Dr. Carper is globally recognized technology leader with experience in several industries - mining, specialty retail, ecommerce, healthcare and telecommunications. He is based in Brisbane, Australia where he lives with his wife Tammy (KB9YHU) and daughter Annie (WN9PIE). He has 30 years of experience in the engineering and support of telecommunications and information technologies in the retail, healthcare, financial services, and telecommunications industries.



The Pro 4 has problems with the vcoder when you transmit with a d star radio cross mode to DMR after 30 seconds your voice gets all wobbly it works phenomenal with Northwest digital thumb drive but with pie star mmdvm does not decode it they said it's a pistar issue I talked to Norm personally that invented the RF shark the open spot 3 works great they must have used some cheap decoder chip in the Pro 4 just putting this out there something to be aware of . The Pro 4 did not test the equipment before they sold the product so for now  sharkrf is not on a very good ham selection product right now several hams have dissected the open spot Pro 4 it has a cheap vcoder chip in it you can barely make out the numbers off of it maybe I could talk to you through Zoom about the issues I can go on and on and on but far as today rfshark is not a good product KC3NRS