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Many thanks and much appreciation to Maryland Delegates Mr. Boteler and Mr. Buckel and their staff.

Narrative –
Local Government - Regulation of Amateur Radio Station Antenna Structures
Requiring that an ordinance adopted by a county or municipality to regulate amateur radio station antenna structures may not preclude amateur radio communications, must accommodate amateur radio communications, and must constitute the minimum practicable regulation to accomplish the purpose of the ordinance.

References –
 - Maryland HB-331 - https://mgaleg.maryland.gov/mgawebsite/Legislation/Details/hb0331?ys=2022RS
 - Official List of Signed Bills - https://governor.maryland.gov/wp-content/uploads/2022/05/EWS-House-Bills-2022-1.pdf
 - Maryland Governor’s Announcement - https://governor.maryland.gov/2022/05/27/governor-hogan-announces-additional-legislative-actions-3/

Many thanks and appreciation to Maryland Delegates Boteler and Buckel and staff

The history of the Regulation of Amateur Radio Station Antenna Structures –
 - HB0331: 2022 - Delegates Boteler and Buckel
 - HB0663: 2021 - Delegate Boteler
 - HB1225: 2020 - Delegates Boteler, Ciliberti, Grammer, and Impallaria
 - HB1177: 2019 - Delegate Boteler

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Thank you again, to our Maryland/DC Amateur Radio community and our served agency partners for your unwavering commitment and support throughout our journey to a successful outcome.

Our next endeavor will require your keen awareness of Maryland county and local municipal legislative processes. 

The MDC Section staff ask you to join as our LGL – Local Government Liaisons (see- https://www.arrl.org/local-government-liaison); to monitors local government dockets consistently, offers local, organized support quickly when necessary, and is known in the local amateur community as the point man for local government problems.

As our MDC LGL you will promote, encourage, and support the HAM community and your local Amateur Radio Clubs / Members in supporting county and local municipal legislative process to assure your Maryland County Executives and municipal legislators abide by and pass local ordinances that provide useful guidance for “Regulation of Amateur Radio Station Antenna Structures.”

Please send your HB-331 comments, remarks, queries and volunteer support to my dedicated HB-331 email – mdc22hb331@earthlink.net ~ or ~ direct correspondence to kb3mxm@arrl.net –  TU

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