HB 331 on Amateur Radio Antennas to Take Effect

On Friday, May 27, Governor Hogan notified the Speaker of the House of Delegates that HB 331 on the regulation of amateur radio station antennas will take effect without his signature. 

Article II, Section 17(c) of the state constitution allows such bills duly passed to become law if not vetoed or signed by the governor.


As a very new resident of Pasadena (and I've got 50 feet of Rohn25 laying in the backyard for future erection), exactly what is this new legislation going to change?




You have no rights if government can change things without a vote! Your governor Hogan is the worst!

Some counties have restrictive antenna zoning issues. The act provides parity so that amateur operators can erect towers. There will need to be appropriate local zoning revisions. Anne Arundel allows antennas so there might not be changes there. It will affect other counties. Unfortunately there is a HOA loophole and until it is closed an HOA may not allow towers or antennas. 

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