FCC Fees Coming in April

The FCC fee to obtain licenses or get a new sequential or vanity license will become effective on April 19. This means the April testing session is the last session the AARC will have before the fee takes effect.

New licensees will receive a link to the FCC website for the $35 fee payment which must be paid within 10 days or the new license will be not be processed.  If the applicant does not pay timely, they can request the VEC to resubmit the application at a later date as long the Certificate of Successful Completion of Elements (CSCE) is valid. The fee will not be collected by the VE teams.  For other transactions a $35 fee will be collected at the time of renewal or call sign changes applications are received.

At this time it appears the FCC will not refund fees if the license application is rejected or a vanity call sign application is rejected. More information is likely to be issued on this in the future.

There are no fees being imposed for administrative updates: change of name, upgrades, address, phone number or email address. 

At the same time GMRS licenses will be reduced to $35 every 10 years.