Forward for those interested in DX and additional informaiton see

Dear OM/OL:

Based upon requests from NCDXA membership, we are hereby announcing the establishment of  a Zoom based, DX  roundtable discussion of timely  related DXTopics with wide audience appeal..  

- Beside from reporting on latest observed band openings to various parts of the world, we will discuss upcoming DXPeditions and possible NCDXA support for same-recommendations would    be added to the agenda of next NCDXA every other month general meeting,

- Discussion and analysis of latest propagation forecasts from W3LPL, K9LA and other authorities, DIscussions will focus on propagation relevant to the DC area ( 300 mi radius perhaps) 

- Announcements of upcoming webinars related to DXing- e.g. K9LA presentation 12/17/2020 under auspices of the Deep Dixie Contest Club  

- Antenna discussions 

- Any other topic that the group desires to talk about.

It was decided at last night's NCDXA Holiday meeting that we would extend invitations for participation to PVRC members . In addition, invitations could be passed on to other DX clubs to which NCDXA or PVRC members belong. 

We will meet on Wednesdays at 7 PM EST each week except for weeks in which we will hold our every other month business meeting. The next NCDXA membership meeting is Feb 17, 2021. 

The first two meetings will take place on  December 23rd and 30th. The Zoom announcement is attached to this email.

Looking forward to a lively and informed exchange of information and ideas.

Happy Holidays to all. Stay Safe Stay Well  

73  Phil K3EW

NCDXA Treasurer and DX Round Table Organizer.