W3VPR LIstserve


If you were on the W3VPR Listserv I managed and were unsubscribed today, please understand that it was my unofficial listserv and not the AARC official listserve.  It was started when the club had problems with their service and an ability to start a listserv.  The membership was down and I tried to help AE3D by starting the unofficial listserv and promoting renewal of memberships.  It seemed to help and the memberships doubled.


Almost all of the communication on that listserv has come from me or was forwarded by me.  The members rarely if ever contributed.  Therefore, I saw no need to pay and manage the listserv with the club now having access to such a service as an official service.


I recommend that you stay in touch with the forums on the club website.  Read the newsletter posted online, and attend the zoom meetings.


Keep well, be safe, and renew your membership between Thanksgiving and before Christmas!


73 de NA1DX