Anne Arundel Radio Club Members List Serve <>

In 2017, I started an external listserve for members of the AARC.  In 2019, I did not remove members who did not renew.  I also did not remove members at the start of 2020.  I hope it can provide an outreach service for members and continue to encourage noon-members to join the club.

I sent a message today on the listserve "Anne Arundel Radio Club Members" <> to openly encourage renewals during this time of COVID19.  

I don't plan to remove members of the list, but wish to keep it for local operators in our area.




Doug / NA1DX

Hi Doug,

I'm sure this question is asked frequently. If so, pardon me for asking again.  As a service to the membership, why doesn't the Club just send out renewal reminders to those who's memberships are about to or have expired?  It appears from your notification above that the Club is aware of who hasn't renewed.  Also, I checked my membership record for status and there is nothing in it that indicates when I last renewed and/or when it's about to expire.



Mostly because all memberships expire at the end of the year, every year.  So its not some random date that varries by member, its the same for everyone.  Its in our ByLaws.

We mention it on the web site, in our club newsletter, and in all notices concerning the Holiday Party, at which we have a special door prize that may only be won by someone who has already renewed.  Frankly, we thought everyone knew this.  Apparently not.


Keith Miller, AE3D