Winter Field Day Participation

The 2019 Winter Field Day will be January 26th and 27th.  We are interested in seeing how many club members would like to participate.  Just like the Field Day event in June, it runs 24 continuous hours from 2pm Saturday to 2pm Sunday. 

We are also looking for a Winter Field Day Chairman.  Rick Steer, AB3XJ has volunteered to be the Assistant Winter Field Day Chairman but due to family commitments can not be present for substantial part of the event itself.  Rick will be available to assist with setup, and with preparing the entry, but we need someone as chairman who can be 'on hand' for most if not all of the 24 hour event.  

Whether you want to volunteer or not, we still need to get some advance idea of how many operators we might have.  This will help us prepare everything from food to operating positions.  It should be a fun weekend.  But likely you knew that.   If you wish to participates, please submit the following info.

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