AARC History 1989

Tony Young Takes Command
On January 20, 1989 an Installation Dinner was held at Bay Ridge Inn for President Tony Young/WA3YLO, Vice-President John Currey/N3EOB, Secretary Dick Campbell/N3FKV, Treasurer Fred Plitt/W3DCN and Directors Al Nestor/N3EOD, Rick Battle/KB3NG and John Cochran/KC3YS.

Repeaters Installed
During the year several work parties were busy at the club site. Renovating the repeater housing facility called for carpentry, electrical work and painting at a 30-foot level on the radar pedestal. The club's new 440 repeater and an all-band G5RV were installed. The two 220 repeaters (purchased from the former 220 group) were installed at separate sites.

Bob Bruninga & Amateur TV
Bob Bruninga linked his ATV repeater with those in Washington and Baltimore. As he pointed out, anyone within line-of-sight of the Naval Academy water tower can receive amateur television at home or mobile. The previous December Bob had led a team of several hams to provide ATV coverage of the Annapolis Parade of Lights to screens on the parade control table in the Eastport Yacht Club, in the Harbor Master's office, on the judges' boat and at the Hilton where WNAV was operating a voice remote for radio coverage of the event. Bob operated a camera and transmitter from the roof of the hospital, providing a wide-angle view of the boats in Spa Creek. The pictures were also fed into the hospital closed circuit system so patients could view the parade.

Members Honored
The AARC Board of Directors voted to present Life Membership Certificates to William (Bill) Cooke/K3CN, Joseph (Joe) Evans/K3KJZ, Paul (Nick) Buinicki/WB3KIW and James (Jim) Suite/W3AAE for their significant contributions to the club.

80 Register for Novice Class
The 1989 Novice Class had a total of 80 registrants. Fifty-six attended the first class and close to 50 earned their licenses. (Tony/WA3YLO and Jerry/N3BDW must be doing something right). In February a group of club members participated in the ARRL DX CW Contest from the clubhouse. They made 800+ CW contacts mostly to Europe and Asia, resulting in a club score of 377K. With good conditions on 10 meters, 386 QSOs were made to 56 countries on that band alone.

The Second DFRC Fair
On June 4th the second annual DFRC Fair was held. Club members cooked and served food and beverages, helped with the parking, set up and operated the public address system, served as communicators for officials and operated demonstration HF and packet stations.

Field Day '89'
The weather cooperated beautifully with Field Day activities. Coordinator Fred Plitt/W3DCN was pleased with the results. The club qualified for all bonus points (including 100 for packet contacts and 100 for contacts through the satellite). AARC came in fourth in the 3-A Battery Class with 1195 contacts, just 39 short of 3rd place.

Past Presidents Speak
The September program meeting was especially enjoyable. Three of the seven original founders of AARC discussed the early history of the club. George Schmitt/W3NAE (president for 4 terms in the 50s and 60s) led the discussion. Eight past presidents were present. Each reminisced briefly as they remembered both humorous and trying times during their terms in office.

Lots of Public Service Events
Public Service Events for 1989, under Coordinator Rick Battle/KB3NG, included a 15-mile Walk-a-Thon for the American Diabetes Association in March, the Marlborough Hunt Club Races and the Annapolis March of Dimes Walk-a-Thon in April, the Bay Bridge Swim in June, the Annapolis 10-mile Run in August and Chesapeake Appreciation Days in October. The weather refused to cooperate for CA Days. On Saturday minimal to nil winds were not enough to move the Skipjacks. They had to be assisted across the finish line by their push boats. On Sunday the boat races had to be canceled due to a dense fog. Individual members set up PA systems for the Riviera Beach Fire Department Parade and the St. Margaret's Pony Club Round Robin.