Learn Morse Online 3

Step 3 -- Toward the end of the week or when you feel ready, notify the mentor and he/she ill send you a small mp3 file. Listen to the file and copy the characters. E-mail your copy to the mentor codementor@w3vpr.org and he/she will provide feedback.

Step 4 -- Repeat this process every week until you have worked your way through all 43 characters. This will take about 7 weeks.

Since the goal is to get you ready for Field Day, we will also focus on call signs (The biggest problem area when we had code testing) and the Field Day exchange. You will have drills and answer keys. You will also have "exams" sent to you by your mentors. You'll copy the call signs and Field Day exchanges and send your copy to your mentor for evaluation.

This program will use the Farnsworth method of teaching Morse. Using the Farnsworth method, the Morse is composed of higher speed characters sent with longer than standard spacing between them. Each character will be sent as 15 words per minute (wpm) but groups of characters will be sent at 5 wpm.

Using this method allows the mind to get used to hearing the characters at a relatively fast speed while having plenty of time to think about them. All the great code schools of the past used Farnsworth teaching.

Phase 2 -- Learning to transmit Morse characters\. Operating a Morse code station during Field Day will require you to also transmit Morse code. During this phase you will learn to send Morse code. This phase should be done in the presence of a ham with considerable Morse code skills. You should also take the opportunity to learn to send code both with a straight key and Iambic paddles. You should also learn to use a Morse code keyer. You should begin Phase 2 during your second week of training.

Phase 3 -- Increasing your copying speed. To help you increase your copying speed beyond 5 wpm, a page was created containing drills that start at 6 wpm and go up to 12 wpm. After you have mastered a speed with 90-95% accuracy, move up to the next higher speed. When you are ready to go beyond 12 wpm click on the link to the archived ARRL code practice files.

By the time you complete this program you will be ready to operate Morse code at Field Day. Until you become comfortable making Morse code contacts by yourself,you should be assisted by and experienced operator who can also act as your logger.

Other CW Links include Learn CW Online, and the ARRL Code Practice Files. For a good Morse code learning tool, try the Just Learn Morse Code program.

For Method 1 files click here
to access sound files for Method 1
to access the answer keys for Method 1

For Method 2 files click here
to access sound files for Method 2
to access the answer keys for Method 2