Repeaters and Nets


2 Meter Repeaters

Location Frequency Tone Notes
Davidsonville 147.105+ 107.2 AARC Repeater with morning traffic net.
Glen Burnie 147.075+ 107.2 AARC repeater Located in Northern AA County.
BrandyWine 147.150+ 114.8 SMARC Repeater.
Prince Frederick 145.350- 156.7 SPARC/CARC Repeater.
Laurel 147.225+ 156.7 Laurel ARC Repeater.
Millersville 146.805- 107.2 Maryland Mobileers Repeater.

1.25 Meter Repeaters

Location Frequency Tone Notes
Davidsonville 223.880- 107.2 AARC 1.25M repeater *check to see if tied into 7.105...
Millersville 224.560- 107.2 AARC repeater Located in Northern AA County.

70cm Repeaters

Location Frequency Tone Notes
Davidsonville 444.400+ 107.2 AARC 70 cm Repeater.
Annapolis 442.300+ 107.2 AARC 70 cm repeater
Laurel 442.500+ 156.7 Laurel ARC 70 cm Repeater.
Millersville 449.125- 107.2 Maryland Mobileers Repeater.
Upper Marlboro 443.600+ 103.5 SMARC 70 cm Repeater.
Lanham 447.325- 110.9 PG ARES

Packet Stations

Location Frequency Call Notes
Davidsoncille 144.390 W3VPR-1 APRS Digipeter
Davidsonville 145.010 W3VPR-5
Aliased to:
Digipeter Relay to EOC Winlink
Millersville 145.010 W3AAC-5 Digipeter Relay to EOC Winlink
Glen Burnie 145.010 W3AAC-10 EOC Winlink system and digipeter
Glen Burnie 145.010 W3AAC-6 EOC AX-25 Legacy Mailbox system

Amateur Radio nets

Note: All times are in Eastern (local), and shift with the clock during Daylight Saving Time.

Name Frequency Day Time
The Holly Net 147.105+
PL 107.2
Weekdays 0700
AARC Talk Net 147.105+
PL 107.2
Wednesday 2000
AA County ARES Net 146.805-Mhz
PL 107.2
Sunday 2000
PG County ARES Net 145.230-Mhz
PL 110.9
Tuesday 1930
Baltimore Traffic Net 145.330-MHz
(no tone)
Daily 1830
Boating Net 146.805-Mhz
PL 107.2
Wednesday 1930
Maryland Emergency Phone Net 3.820Mhz Daily 1800
Maryland-DC-Delaware Traffic Net 3.643Mhz Daily 1900 and 2200
Maryland Slow Net 3.563 MHz Daily 1930
React Net 442.300+ PL107.2

August 5, 2020


147.105+MHz PL107.2 1st Sunday, starting September 6, 2020
PG ARES Training Net 145.230+Mhz


HF Hospital Net (MD Counties) 3.820 MHz
Wednesday following 3rd Monday


Common Simplex Frequencies

Suggested name Frequency Notes
"RACE1" 146.430 Most common, used for races, Field Day setup, etc.  Once the official AARC Simplex Frequency.
"RACE2" 146.475 The usual backup frequency, for interference, stuck mike or to clear the main channel for other traffic.