HF Rig

Hello All! I just upgraded to General earlier this month and am looking to start transmitting on HF. Would you advise investing in an HF rig now or using some open ones (like at the clubhouse or other shacks) before deciding to purchase?

Either way, what's a good entry level HF rig? i.e. what did you buy or wish you had bought?


Javi (KC3VWL)

Check out the AARC for sale list first. Older rigs are fine transceivers. For new, check out the Icom IC-718 or the Kenwood TS-50.
I'm still using my Icom IC-729 made in the early 1990's. And I still use my Ten-Tec "Century-21" I bought in 1980 but it's CW only.

Top down decision tree:
If you have a long term interest in the hobby and have $1,000 to commit to it, the ICOM 7300 HF transceiver with spectrum display is my recommendation. It's a modern Software Defined Radio (SDR), but with full front panel display and controls just like older technology analog transceivers. My experience comes from designing receivers and transmitters as an electrical engineer.

Appreciate the input

There is a Kenwood TS-440S with a power supply at the clubhouse for about $400. I have one of these rigs and it is a very good starter radio.