Full Wave Loop Dipole

I currently have an 80m dipole at 75 feet with a Model 4116 - 4:1 Hybrid Balun from Balun Designs. The site says this is a hybrid combination of a 4:1 voltage balun and a 1:1 current balun, which results in a very versatile, rugged and forgiving 4:1 current balun. I am having a heck of a time getting the SWR below 3:1 on 20 meters and get practically no signal on 10 meters. When I was on 40 meters last night, most contacts said my QSL was consistently 4.4 or worse. It is oriented East/West and cannot get any contacts in Europe. A few questions. I'm being told on other forums that this balun is not appropriate for my antenna and that I need a 1:1 current balun or need to make it an OCF antenna. What say you?

I am also considering building an 80m full wave loop antenna and looking to see if there's anyone with experience building loop antennas that can offer advice/guidance on how to do it and pitfalls to avoid.

Appreciate any advice.

Steve M