2023 Amplitude Modulation International Jamboree

The 2023 Amplitude Modulation International (AMI) Jamboree will be held over the Thanksgiving weekend, starting at dusk on November 24 and ending at dawn on November 27.

AMI Executive Director John C. McGrath, N9AMI, said the jamboree is not a contest but rather an AM-only operating event. "Everyone is welcome to participate, and there is a certificate available for those who contact 25 stations and submit a log," said McGrath. "Each class winner will receive a certificate, and a short biography will be posted on the AMI website. While the age of the equipment doesn't matter, there must be an AM mode selection on the radio," he added.

The preferred AM bands for operation are:

  • 160 meters: 1.885, 1.900, 1.945, 1.985
  • 80 meters: 3.870 to 3.890
  • 40 meters: 7.175, 7.290, 7.293, 7.295
  • 20 meters: 14.286 and the upper end of 20 meters

According to the club's history, AMI was formed in 1993. The name was taken from a west coast amateur radio club that was no longer in operation. AMI is now dedicated to the enjoyment, promotion, and preservation of AM. Club memberhips include numbered membership certificates, an organization of 10 regions with directors, annual operating events, local club support, and the monitoring of activities that affect AM operations. While the FCC reduced the peak-envelope power measurement for AM, they also issued a statement in support of continuing the mode's important place in amateur radio.

More information is available on the AMI website