4 Foot Fiberglass Mast Sections Forsale (SK) at Another Club


I have no affiliation with this guy, his club and no stake in this sale so contact him directly.
This is a SK sale. The SK had an entire pallet of used military 4 foot fiberglass mast sections. He also has some bases and attachments for guy wires.

These have been outside in the elements but he offered to let me "mix and match" from what he has without me asking.

Next pickup date is April 22, 2023, but he said there are thousands left so I'm sure he would accommodate future ones.

Here is the announcement:
SK Estate Sale: Fiberglass Poles (4 ft. Military Masts, Used)
A significant quantity of used military 4' green fiberglass poles has become available to the Ham Radio Community. These poles have been stored outdoors in the elements so they are dirty, however they appear to be in good shape.

They are offered as follows:
Full Bags ($60): 24 fiberglass poles in an original military heavy vinyl bag.
Half Bags($35): 12 fiberglass poles in an origianl military heavy vinyl bag.
Individual Poles ($3/each): 1 fiberglass pole, no bag.
Bulk Poles (negotiable): Large quantity (500+)
3 Arm Spreaders ($1): Initiailly used at the top of the mast to prevent poles from tearing through camo netting, Can be used to make guy wire guides / rings.
Mast Base ($15): Limited number of 12" (approx) round base to help stablilize post.

Initailly, two pick up dates will be Saturday APRIL 15, 2023 and Saturday APRIL 22, 2023 between 0900 and 1500. Pickup location will be in FINKSBURG, MD (about 6 miles east of Westminster, MD). If you are unable to make these dates, additional pick up arrangement may be made. Poles will NOT be shipped to any location.

Payment: Cash is preferred, however Venmo / Credit Card may be available at pickup time (will be determined closer to pickup date).

There is NO LIMIT to the number of bags / poles you can purchase. Feel free to purchase lots and resell at Ham Fests!

Questions? Contact:
John Stephens / KC3FDL

I bought one of the full bags at a hamfest 20+ years ago. They are quite useful for wire antenna end supports, among other applications. Anyway, even if they have sat out in the elements, a simple sanding with any kind of sandpaper will knock down any fiberglass fibers that's sprung up. Then a quick spray of clear enamel will seal them back up again....

Good information. I look at it like, they are expected to be out in the elements. That said, they are in the bags so I assume that they have been at least sheltered from UV while they were stored. Also, again, the seller offered to let me mix and match (your mileage may vary especially close to the end of the pile) so if you have the time to do so you can cherry pick some.