Coax Terminating Tools

As proof that Amazon is spying on me, I had my HT and was part of the Holly Net this a.m. near my Amazon Echo when the subject of terminating coax was discussed. I suggested a ratcheting crimp toll, with swappable dies and a 3-bladed coax stripping tool.

Well, connecting to Amazon this morning, a suggested purchase was this:

This is the type of crimp tool and coax stripping tool I was suggesting. It also has 5 dies with it. In addition to those, I also own a lopping tool like the one also provided. That type of lopping tool is great for making perpendicular cuts in the cable.

I don't have personal experience with these specific brand of tools. The kit seems to have good reviews although we all know that Chinese gear on Amazon can have shill reviews. There are few reviews and a number of the positive ones seem to be from verified purchasers. Again, not impossible to be fake but seem genuine because they point out that some of the dies are not labelled.

The unlabelled dies could be an issue if you are using expensive connectors and have to do best guess/trial and error. So your mileage may vary. On the other had $52 - %5 with coupon for all is a good price, IMHO.

You might want to look for a better striping tool. Dx Engineering has a good one.

Here is the link:

73 Eric W3EAB