Help with reconnecting...

Thought this might be the best choice of a forum for this topic....

I'm  James (Jim) Chance. Living in Crofton when I was introduced to Tony Young (WA3YLO), AARC was the first club I joined. I was originally licensed through the Laurel club as N3TKD in 1992 IIRC. Was a member of AARC from 1991 until 1998 (think I kept paying the dues into the 2000's). The club back then was a great resource, and very active. None of the other clubs I ran across later on could hold a candle to the AARC. Only one Texas club had a permanent clubhouse facility that could come close...

Anyway, I still to this day miss Holly (N3MB) and a good half dozen or so older members. Betty and Charles, Gary and Cora (N3SJL and N3SJJ), Phil Harich, a few others. Recently ran into K3XZ (Ed Robertson) on the .075 machine. Had a great 5 minute catch-up qso. Wondering if anyone reading this might have an email address for him? He mentioned a few other area names/callsigns I would really like to reconnect with. I just hope he doesn't forget to send me something, as he was mobile for our conservation. I well remember what usually happens when I make a mobile contact that needs a followup message later. Anyone out there know Ed? Thanks in advance for any help...




Assuming he's kept up his address, you could try a search on the FCC website or QRZ using the call sign.

No email for him on QRZ



... I've certainly done what you suggested before posting the request. I was looking for readers who might KNOW Ed. Or ANY readers of this post who were actually active members in the 1990's. I know there are still a few out there... ;-)


WV5K (N3TKD many years ago)