Official Notice of 2023 Club Election

Pursuant to the bylaws of the Anne Arundel Radio Club, notice is hereby given that the annual election of officers will be held on Thursday, November 17 at 7:30 pm.  The meeting will be held at the AARC clubhouse at the Davidsonville Family Recreation Center, Queen Anne Bridge Rd., Davidsonville, MD.  At this time no Zoom hybrid session is anticipated. 

As of November 4, the slate of officers is as follows:

President:  Bill Ryan, N3RY
Vice President:  Will Muzlera-Mooney KA3UQQ
Secretary:  Phil Nelson, NO3N
Treasurer:  Kevin McGee, KC3SGL
Director:  Gaylord Butler, KC3SMP
Director:  Greg Witmyer, KC3SEG
Director:  Dave Earnest, W3RDE

Only members in good standing and present are allowed to vote.

If there are no further nominations the candidates may be elected by acclamation, otherwise the election will be conducted by secret ballot.

73 and attested:

Phillip L. Nelson, NO3N, Secretary