METAVivor Adventure Race

Sunday, May 31, 2020

Metavivor Adventure Race.png

Kayak, Bike, Run

Presented by Bluepoint Race Management and Excelence in Fitness Personal Training Studio, the METAvivor Adventure Race consists of a 2 mile race by Kayak, a 15 mile bicycle race, and 3.1 mile run.  Its quite the adventure. 

The proceeds will be used to help individuals who are diagnosed with early stage breast cancer.  At present about 41,000 Americans, including almost 500 men dies of this condition every year.  100% of the funds after the costs will go to research to extend those afflicted with metastatic breast cancer. 

Racers will leave in three groups starting at 8am, and will make a water start at the Hillsmere Beach.  They will paddle 2 miles around 3 buoys, and finish where they started.  Racers will the transition to bicycles at the parking lot, taking residential roads through the Hillsmered community and enjoying various views of the Chesapeake during their 15 mile ride.  Timing of the traffic lights on the route will add another layer of difficulty.  Finally there is a three point one mile run though the streets of the Hillsmere community.  The maximum allowed time for the entire race is 2 hours 40 minutes.