2021 MDC QSO Party Award Presented

-2021 MDC QSO Paty Award_2.jpg'

PVRC Wins 2021 Membership Participation Plaque

Wednesday April 28th President Eric Berman W3EAB was finally able to present the 2021 Potomac Valley Radio Club president and current Annapolis Chapter president, Dan Zeitlin K2TWE with the 2021 Maryland DC QSO Party Membership Participation Award.  Actually we notified the PVRC of their victory several months ago when, due to COVID-19, they were holding all meetings on Zoom.  So Eric held off on the in-person presentation till the next in person Annapolis Chapter PVRC meeting.  

The PVRC scored 221161 points, more than double the score of the second place finisher.  We call it the Membership Participation award for a reason.  Our contest not only awards point scoring, but also in the form of a multiplier, rewards clubs for the percentage of their membership that participates.  In the future we hope to tweak the rules even further in an effort to level the playing field between big and small clubs, giving as many as possible the chance to win.  FYI winners have their organization's name on the master plaque in our club house, that honors all past winners of this yearly AARC sponsored event.