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AARC Staff 2021

Email Forwarders

In an effort to keep our members email addresses as private as possible, the AARC has opted to use a series of email forwarders, such that emails will be sent to addresses within our system, then will be forwarded to the real email addresses.  This means we will not be printing anyone's real email address online.  But beware that if you respond to an email sent to you via an email forwarder, your real email address will be the one automatically listed by your software as the "Reply To" address.  You may change that manually, but it is not technically something we can do for you automatically. 


President:  Eric Berman, KC3GDV,

Vice President:  Joe Conover, KL4QG,

Secretary:  Michael Hunt, KC8GIJ,

Treasurer:  'Rick' Steer, AB3XJ,

Board Member:  'Bernie' Coletta, NK3PS,

Board Member:  'Bill' Ryan, NX2II,,

Board Member:  Mark Heron, KC3JTF,


Information Officer:  Ed Santilli, KB3YMU

Membership Secretary:  Huey Treadwell, AB3GS,

Safety Officer:  John Bowes, KB3YLY,

Security Officer:  Tom Provenza, N3HLD,


ARES/RACES:  John Bowes, KB3YLY,

DFRC Representative:  Milford Craig, N3WYG,

Fox Hunt:  Jim Wallace, N3ADF,

Joint 440 Committee:  Gordon Davids, WJ3K,

MDC Secrion Mgr:  Marty Pittinger, KB3MXM,

Public Relations:  Ed Santilli, KB3YMU,

Resident Agent:  "Will" Mulzera-Mooney, KA3UQQ,

Trustee:  'Dick' Maio, WW3R,


APRS:  Jon Graefe, AE3JG,

Beverage Supply:  Jim Myrick, W3JLM,

Club Sale & Auction:  Ike Lawton, W3IKE,

Club Picnic,  Jim Myrick, W3JLM,

Digitial Networking:  'Ted' Rudie, KC3LMV,

Faciliites:  <not yet named>

Field Day:  Bryan Mary, K3HMX,

Station Manager:  Joe Conover, KL4QG

Holly Net:  'Bill' Ryan, NX2II,

Kit Building:  'Raven' Wieland, KB3MUV,

MDC QSO Party:  Joe Conover, KL4QG,

Newsletter:  Phil Nelson, NO3N,

Photography:  Ed Santilli, KB3YMU,

Presentation:  Joe Conover, KL4QG,

Public Service: Marc Heron, KC3JTF,

Repeaters:  John Williams, K8JW,

Rules:  Chuck Tanner, W3ACT,

Service Hours:  Jim Wallace, N3ADF,

Training:  Keith Miller, AE3D,

VE Team:  David Rawley, N3AT,

Video:  Ed Santilli, KB3YMU,

Webmaster:  Micheal Hunt, KC8GIJ

Wed Nite Net:  Mike Watterson, K3MAW,

Winter Field Day:  'Rick' Steer, AB3XJ,

Workshop:  <not yet named>

Ham Shack Antenna Committee:  "Bernie" Coletta, NK3PS,


Board of Directors:

Kit Building Committee:

Rules Committee: