Santa needs an XYL

Don't tell Mrs. Claus, but Santa is looking for an YL/XYL to radio in during a Christmas event. The Catholic Daughters of America are hosting a charity event for kids from 9-11:30 on December 12th in Annapolis. One of the organizers would like to have a willing XYL call in to Santa sometime around the middle of the event. Kind of an interesting twist on the visit from St. Nick, may get some youngsters exposed to ham radio at an early age! If you can help out, please contact George Coyle, WA3PKW, at

Honoring our Veterans

On this November 11, 2015 we stop to honor our veterans and their service to this country. We have many veterans who are members or followers of this club, if you see any veteran today please take the time to thank them for their service.

Jon Graefe KB3ZVO
AARC Secretary

2016 Dues are now accepted online

Welcome to November. Hopefully we all survived the hoard of trick-r-treat participants that frequented our doors last night. The club website now is accepting dues payments for 2016. Because Paypal charges a fee to process credit cards the dues will be $1.50 more online to cover that fee. If you wish to renew by mail or in person there is no additional fees.

As a reminder for 2016

Individual Membership: $30.00
Family Membership: $45.00
Student Membership: $15.00

If you wish to pay by mailing a check the club's mailing address is:

2016 Dues

On November 1 2015, We will be accepting dues for 2016. The Board voted and the membership also accepted a dues increase to:

Individual membership: $30.00
Family Membership: $45.00
Student Membership: $15.00

If you really want to pay dues via paper, Please fill out the Adobe form attached to this post and give it to the secretary Jon Graefe AE3JG at a meeting or mail it to:

PO Box 308
Davidsonville, MD 21035