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Events and activities at the AARC:

Newcomers are always welcome!

Please RSVP now for the Holiday Party. I especially need a detailed headcount of those attendees who are 12 or under. (Santa has the "naughty and nice list", but not the exact attendees.) Please email me at w2paw@w3vpr.org

Pay your dues at or before the party for 2015 and be eligible for fabulous door prizes!

We will be supplying turkey, ham, mashed potatoes and beverages. Please bring a side dish or dessert to share.

Events and activities quick summery. Details are below or on the AARC Event Calendar

04dec14 (Thu) - Club meeting at 7:30p (Movie of Hamfest presentation on SolderSmoke and BITX, by Bill Meara-N2CQR)
12dec14 (Fri) - 6:30p Holiday Party at Ford Hall (down the hill from the clubhouse) Please RSVP.
13dec14 (Sat) - (free) Exams for your FCC amatuer radio license.
13dec14 (Sat) - (right after the exams ~2p) HF-nØØbs. Come "play radio" with the beginners. Free and open to all, even the unlicenced. We'll stick around until at least 5p.
28dec14 (Sun) - Kit-building, troubleshooting and repair has been canceled for December 28th. Raven expects to re-start this in the new year.

Jim was at the meeting the other day sporting a brand new AARC polo shirt with his call sign on it. The shirts are available in multiple sizes and colors and can be ordered in quantity 1 sized lots (i.e. one shirt). Please contact Jim (KB3NQY) to order.

__ Click Read more for a list of regularly scheduled events. __

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Free Amateur Radio License Exams

The 2nd Saturday of every month
Registration Starts at Noon --- Exams begin at 1:00pm
Click here for information and directions: http://www.w3vpr.org/node/50
Contact Steve/K3BAY to register k3bay@comcast.net

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Today I received an e-mail from my "Construction Coordinator" giving a very broad explanation of the initial process and what to expect over the next couple weeks. So I called her to ask a couple questions and this is what I think I know, subject to change.

    1. All the paperwork for permits has been submitted. Normally they would have them back by Thursday or Friday except everyone is closed for the holiday.
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November 2014 Newsletter is now availalbe.

November AARC newsletter, enjoy.

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Rield Day 2014 Results


Greetings to all!

Congratulations to AARC

Here are the official results of Field Day 2014 in the 10A Category.
(Call/score/Cat/QSOs/Pwr Mult/GOTA/Sec/Name)
1. W4IY 18,224 10A 5,274 2 W4PIO VA 35 Woodbridge Wireless
2. VE3MIS 7,818 10A 2,043 2 VE3RCX GTA 44
3. W3VPR 5,540 10A 1,152 2 MDC 114 Anne Arundel RC
4. AB7HP 3,262 10A 557 2 W7VOI ID 30 HP Boise ARC / Voice of Idaho
5. K6QM 2,626 10A 420 2 SDG 30 South Bay ARS

Some of our goals were:

    • Have fun - Accomplished
    • Be safe - Accomplished
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Deadline for all Service Award Hours.

The deadline for the submission of all service hours is rapidly approaching. We need time to total all of the hours and determine which club members have earned a badge plus the amount of year stickers that we will need. Our vendor needs about 2 weeks to process our order at the minimum.

The deadline for submitting service hours is…. NOV. 17.

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I will be back in Ecuador next week, Oct 25 - Nov 1. Check the spotting nets for HC1GVT on the air. I will try to get on during the CQ World Wide contest but Saturday and Sunday are travel days so the opportunities will be very limited. During the rest of the week I may have more time. May not have email this time.

73, Rick KK4GV

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October Issue of the Ham Arundel News

Here is the October Issue of the Ham Arundel News.

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Official Results of the 2014 Maryland-DC QSO Party

The Official Results of the 2014 Maryland-DC QSO Party have been posted, congratulation to the following winners:


Non-MDC Club: W3GV

See you August 8th-9th, 2015!

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KK4GV QRV Ecuador Sept 4 thru 20

I will be operating holiday style from various locations again in Ecuador as HC1GVT from September 4 thru September 20, 2014. Look for me on the spotting nets and QSL via KK4GV direct or LOTW to HC1GVT. If I am signing portable and you use LOTW, upload the QSO as I am working it, for example HC1GVT/HC2. This will make the QSO match in LOTW. Ecuador requires that I sign with my portable location when outside of HC1.


73, Rick KK4GV

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