Events and activities at the AARC:

Newcomers are always welcome!

Happy New Year! Sorry for the lack of updates.

21jan16 (Thu) - Club meeting at 7:30 PM, newcomers always welcome.
24jan15 (Sun) - Kit-building, troubleshooting and repair, at 1 to 4 PM at the clubhouse
27jan16 (Wed) - (on-air) 2-Meter net every Wednesday night at 8 PM. See details below.
04feb16 (Thu) - Club meeting at 7:30 PM, newcomers always welcome.
11feb16 (Thu) - Board meeting at 7:30 PM (We have an open meeting policy)
13feb16 (Sat) - (free) Exams for your FCC amateur radio license, every second Saturday of the month.
18feb16 (Thu) - Club meeting at 7:30 PM, newcomers always welcome.
14feb15 (Sun) - The Mesh Networking Group meets today.
26feb15 (Sun) - Kit-building, troubleshooting and repair, at 1 to 4 PM at the clubhouse.

Presentation slideshows from prior meetings are available in this forum topic.

Upcoming Spring Classes

The Spring Technician Class will begin Saturday Feb. 27th, skip Easter weekend's Saturday Mar 26th and End on April 9, a test day.

The Spring General Class begins Saturday April 23, skips Memorial Day Saturday, May 28th and ends June 4, a week before testing day. Get your General ticket before Field Day!

(click on "Read more" for more details and a list of regularly scheduled events...)

KB3CMA 442.300 Annapolis repeater is down

Hopefully everyone is getting dug out from the blizzard of 2016. It would appear that the Annapolis Repeater KB3CMA 442.300 MHz has suffered a failure and is non-operational at this time. Once the roads become passable the Annapolis Repeater committee will be investigating the problem. Please bear with us we have already replaced the first Yaesu repeater system, now the second system has also failed. The joint repeater committee will keep you all informed as we learn more.

Jon Graefe AE3JG
AARC Secretary
Joint Repeater Committee Secretary

Santa needs an XYL

Don't tell Mrs. Claus, but Santa is looking for an YL/XYL to radio in during a Christmas event. The Catholic Daughters of America are hosting a charity event for kids from 9-11:30 on December 12th in Annapolis. One of the organizers would like to have a willing XYL call in to Santa sometime around the middle of the event. Kind of an interesting twist on the visit from St. Nick, may get some youngsters exposed to ham radio at an early age! If you can help out, please contact George Coyle, WA3PKW, at

Honoring our Veterans

On this November 11, 2015 we stop to honor our veterans and their service to this country. We have many veterans who are members or followers of this club, if you see any veteran today please take the time to thank them for their service.

Jon Graefe KB3ZVO
AARC Secretary