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Events and activities at the AARC:

Newcomers are always welcome!

Events and activities quick summery. Details are below or on the AARC Event Calendar

(I'm adding events happening in April right now. Please check the official AARC April Calendar. If you don't see your event, the clubhouse is not reserved. Please send me an email about it.)

28mar15 (Sat) - (brunch) Holly's 99th B-day celebration @ Old Country Buffet. Details are here.
28mar15 (Sat) - (Free) Class to prepare you for your FCC Technician license. 9am-12noon. This is the 5th class of six. See details below.
29mar15 (Sun) - (support) B&A marathon
29mar15 (Sun) - NOTE: Date change! Kit-building, troubleshooting and repair moves from the regular date to the 5th Sunday for this month only! The time is still 1 to 4 PM.
02apr15 (Thu) - Club meeting at 7:30 PM, newcomers always welcome. Rescheduled to this date due to a prior snow cancellation Doug/NA1DX will present a program about Win4K3, an interface for Elecraft transceivers.
09apr15 (Thu) - Board meeting at 7:30 PM (We have an open meeting policy)
11apr15 (Sat) - (Free) Class to prepare you for your FCC Technician license. 9am-12noon. This is the 6th and final class for this session. See details below.
11apr15 (Sat) - (free) Exams for your FCC amateur radio license. Details here.
11apr15 (Sat) - HF-nØØbs is almost always right after the exams, about 2 or 2:30 PM until at least 5 PM. Come operate the club station, no license required.
12apr15 (Sun) - (support) Cherry Pit Race.
16apr15 (Thu) - Club meeting at 7:30 PM, newcomers always welcome.
Could someone please email me the contact info for the B&A marathon on the 29th?

The Anne Arundel Radio Club will be holding Technician license classes on Saturdays starting on February 28th, 2015 from 9:00 - noon. Classes will be 6 weeks with a break for Easter Weekend on April 4th. Their is no charge for the class or test, however having a book is strongly recommend, (we have some for sale while supplies last, also available from the ARRL or Amazon).

The complete schedule of classes and additional details is published here.

After three very successful years, Les Silva, KH6CUJ, is ready to hand over the Public Service Coordinator job to a new volunteer. He will be glad to support the new coordinator and insure a smooth transition. The first event of the year is the B&A Trail Marathon in February, so if you'd like to volunteer to be our new Public Service Coordinator, please contact Brian Mary, K3HMX, at k3hmx@w3vpr.org.

__ Click Read more for a list of regularly scheduled events. __

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Free Amateur Radio License Exams

The 2nd Saturday of every month
Registration Starts at Noon --- Exams begin at 1:00pm
Click here for information and directions: http://www.w3vpr.org/node/50
Contact Steve/K3BAY to register k3bay@comcast.net

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AZ House Update


As promised, attached are some photos

Photo #1 - Looking at front entrance. Pantry on right and office/den on left. They still have to grout the slate floor tiles and install carpet in the office/den and bedrooms.

Photo #2 - Looking at garage and driveway. House exterior is painted. Neighbor's house going up on the right side. They should be working indoors when we move in. Still need to add stone work on columns on the garage and the front porch. Don't know status of neighbor's house on left side.

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Craftsman Router


This is for the person who picked up the Craftsman Router I left at the clubhouse on the "Free Table"

I found the manual and wrench used to attach and remove router bits.

If you would like these two items, I'll swap them for the bit I left in the router.

Call me (410-437-8193) or send an e-mail (aa3rr@w3vpr.org)


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AZ House Update


The exterior of the new house is painted, the driveway has been completed, and the slate tile flooring is being installed.
And the garage doors are installed (and might be painted)
Pictures to follow as soon as I get them.


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Repeater low tempature alarm


I have had the opportunity to visit the clubhouse and investigate the low temperature alarm the repeater was transmitting. Apparently someone had set the thermostat at 50 degrees. The repeater is set to alarm at about 56 degrees. I reset the temperature to 58 degrees and confirmed that the heat pump is operational. Soon the repeater cleared the temp alarm.

A reminder to all who use the clubhouse to set the thermostat to 58 degrees heat when leaving, otherwise someone will need to take time out of their day to investigate any alarms/repeater messages that occur.

--Jon Graefe
AARC Secretary

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Move Update


Yesterday I moved boxes around in the garage and in doing so moved over 150 boxes into the positions they will occupy in the moving truck:

    • Each row is 5 boxes wide
    • Each row is 6 boxes high (We can go to 7 boxes high)
    • There will be 5 rows of 30-35 of the smaller sized boxes
    • There will be one row of #1 Medium-sized boxes (4 boxes across, 4 boxes high - 16 boxes total)
    • There will be one row of #2 Medium-sized boxes (4 boxes across, 3 boxes high - 12 boxes total)

It took about two hours to move and stack 150 small boxes.

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Let's Honor Holly in Perpetuity


Having a QSO Party and a Brunch are great ways to recognize and honor Holly's long commitment and service to the Anne Arundel Radio Club for the past 200 years, give or take.

About 6 or 7 years ago and frequently ever since, I've mentioned to various members of our club's leadership clique from Presidents to Directors and various members of the Repeater Committee that we should honor Holly in perpetuity by recording her voice making various announcements over our repeaters. Examples of announcements could include but are in no way limited to the following examples"

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Holly's Birthday Brunch this Saturday!

We'll be continuing the celebration as Holly starts her 100th year by joining her for brunch this Saturday, March 28th. We'll be meeting at the Old Country Buffet in Annapolis at 10:00. She might need a ride if her young 'uns can't make it. If you're coming from south county and can give our guest of honor a lift, please let me know and I'll pass the word along.

Hope to see a good crowd there to celebrate with someone who's done so much for the club!


Brian Mary, K3HMX

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House Update

Greetings from Kentucky

Brenda and I are visiting my brother (AG4RR) and his wife (KG4GGA).

While driving over here after the club meeting (We spent the night in Hagerstown) we received a couple pictures which are attached.

    Kitchen cabinets and cupboards
    Guest bathroom cabinets (Bathtub installed)

Hard to believe that in 10 days we close on the house in Maryland.

In just over 3 weeks we do the Home Orientation and Walk Through Inspection in Arizona and 8 days later we close on the house in Arizona.

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