Events and activities at the AARC:

Newcomers are always welcome!

We could use some operators for the Rosaryville Trail Run this upcoming July 24th. It's an excellent way to practice important communication skills and test out your equipment. Also, free Gatorade at the water stops ;-) Please contact Les/KH6CUJ.

24jul16 (Sun) - (support) Rosaryville Trail Run 10K, 10M, 25K, 50K. Please contact Les Silva/KH6CUJ
24jul16 (Sun) - Kit-building, troubleshooting and repair 1 to 4 PM Every 4th Sunday at the clubhouse
27jul16 (Wed) - (on-air) 2-Meter net every Wednesday night at 8 PM. See details below.
04aug16 (Thu) - Club meeting at 7:30 PM, newcomers always welcome.
14augl16 The Mesh Networking Group meets today.
11aug16 (Thu) - Board meeting at 7:30 PM (We have an open meeting policy)
13aug16 (Sat) - (free) Exams for your FCC amateur radio license, every second Saturday of the month.
13aug16 (Sat) - Come help operate at the clubhouse for the Maryland QSO party. Noon to Midnight
14aug16 (Sun) - 2nd day; come help operate at the clubhouse for the Maryland QSO party. Noon to 8 PM.
01sep16 (Thu) - Club meeting at 7:30 PM, newcomers always welcome.

Time to start thinking about the Maryland QSO party. (Have you ever wanted to be on the other end of a QSO pileup?)

The club has a new Google Calendar under test. The trial is open to anybody who understands the address may change at some point in the future. Get the latest AARC events on your Gmail calendar, iPhone, or Android device.

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Everyone's favorite Centenarian was featured in the Capital Gazette! Ham radio enthusiast Holly Bevan celebrates 100th birthday

Presentation slideshows from prior meetings in 2016 are available in this forum topic.

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Field Day 2016 Friday setup

I plan to be at the club at 0900 tomorrow (Friday) to start getting things set up. The biggest things are shelters and masts. Make sure you have sunscreen, a hat and cool clothes. The forecast is for nice weather, but it can get hot really quickly. Bring your HT and we'll use the club simplex frequency to coordinate while we're on site. Let's have fun!

Giff / K1GAH