Field Day 2016 planning meeting

Don't forget! We're having a Field Day planning meeting on Sunday 6 Mar from 1300-1400. Join us for the meeting and stay for the tower session immediately following.

We still need someone to be the lead for Equipment, Operations and Safety. Please help us fill those positions, particularly if we're going to shoot for a 10A station this year. Let's get this going!

Giff / K1GAH

Climb safety and tower maintenance/inspection training

We'll be holding our semi-annual tower climb safety and tower maintenance/inspection training session on Sunday 6 March from 1400-1600. We'll talk about climbing the tower safely, safety gear, what to look for when inspecting the tower and what maintenance we can perform.

All are welcome to attend even if you are not planning to climb the tower. If you want to help inspect, including being part of the ground crew, you need to attend.

Please bring a flash drive if you want soft copies of the handouts and presentation.

Come join us for an interesting session!