Packet Radio

Good afternoon all,

  I'm trying to get a packet radio system up and running, and I don't know if it's a line-of-sight issue or a systems / user issue, but I can't seem to get up and running and am looking for anyone who might have some background info or troubleshooting tips (I'm completely new to packet).  I have an ICOM IC-2820H setup as my home base station, which I am connecting to a Coastal Chipworks TNC-X modem, to my Windows laptop.  I'm trying to connect useing RMS Express to a station in Cape St. Clair, AB3YY / 145.010.  I've also tried a couple other stations, but I can't ever seem to connect.

Anyone in the club who might offer some advice?




I just saw your post.  I was into packet for a while, have been out of it, but now I am getting back in.  I looked you up on QRZ and you are in Edgewater, but the map shows a QTH near Morningside in PG county.  I live in Northern Calvert and cannot hit AA3YY-10 directly, so I have to relay it via w3vpr-5.

Where is your QTH?  You can also try to hit my packet station on 145.01.

Mike - K3MAW

This is AB3YY, you may be just out of range for my station. I am located near Sandy Point State Park. The high ground near Red, Hot & Blue on Rt. 50 tends to block signals. On the map I show you near Mayo. What are you using for radio and more important antenna?

My station is a 50 watt Yaesu with a PK-88. Antenna is a Ringo Ranger at 48 feet.

You may want to go out to for Winlink Express software. Look for the RMS Express.exe software. My station is a "gateway" for passing e-mail to the internet. It is not a BBS.

Cheers, Bill / AB3YY


Sorry I got your call wrong.

I'm in Bowie and I use your node via W3VPR-5 because W3AAC-10 doesn't want to pass traffic in a timely manor.  I'm blocked by hills to get into most of the PrGe nodes.

Thanks for your service.

Jim - N3ADF

AEC with



      You are more than welcome to send traffic through my node. Got re-intrested in packet with KC3DSO, so the more node available in an emergency the better.

Cheers, Bill / AB3YY


I have not been able to connect to your node through w3vpr-5 for a couple days.  Has your node been up?



The node is up and several have connected. 

Cheers, Bill