Wanna Be A Climber?

The folks at Safety One are planning to hold a one day tower climbing training course utilizing the AARC 198 foot tower on June 2, 2020.  This course teaches the authorized (standard) fall protection, safety and rescue, and meets the requirements of OSHA Regulations. 

If there is sufficient interest in the course, Safety One has offered to teach an additonal student, of AARC's choosing, and provide a substantial discount toward the club's purchase of the safety harness, etc. required. 

With many certified area tower climbers charging $250 per hour, those who pass this course stand to make some substantial income, including the member our Board selects to take this training for free.  So if you know of any individual, club member or not, interested in taking this one day course, have them download the flyer and get the details.  Meanwhile if any club member is interested in the open position of AARC Certified Tower Climber, which comes complete with harness and other safety equipment, they should contact our Facilities Chairman at Eric Berman at facilities@w3vpr.org