2021 Slate

November 5th, the Membership modified the original Slate of Candidates for club office in 2021.  The list as modified looks like this:

President:  Eric Berman, KC3GDV

Vice President:  Joe Conover, KL4QG

Secretary:  Michael Hunt, KC8GIJ

Treasurer:  Richard 'Rick' Steer, AB3XJ

Board Member at Large:  Bernarr 'Bernie' Coletta, NK3PS

Board Member at Large:  William 'Bill' Ryan, NX2II

Board Member at Large:  Mark Heron, KC3JTF

Mark Heron KC3JTF sent word to the meeting that he wished to run for the third open Board Member at Large position.  The membership voted to accept his offer provided that he finalize his nomination by notifying us of his intent to run.  He has done so and is now the final candidate on the Slate of Officers for 2021.

According to our Bylaws the President is required to notify the membership of the Slate to be voted on, and the place and time of the meeting to do so, on or before  at least 10 days before the election.  That date is November 23rd.    .