Extra Class starts January 28th

Rol Anders K3RA, is once again holding his Extra License Class.  Unteil we have time to create one at the AARC this is the only Extra License Class in the state of Maryland.  So if you're a General, and want to move up, here are the details:

This class is Thursday nights, which means you are going to miss a lot of AARC meetings.  It is worth it.  Rol's class begins January 28 and runs for 11 sessions, ending April 8th.  Sessions begin at 6:30 pm and run 3 hours each till 9:30 pm.  :Like most other classes being held these days, Rol's class will be via Zoom, so you will need to be equipped for that medium.  To sign up, email directly to Rolad Angers K3RA <roland.anders@comcast.net>