(Bad News Headlines in RED, Good News Headlines in BLUE.)

First you should know that by order of Governor, Larry Hogan, social gatherings of more thant 10 people are now strictly prohibited.  Besided our regular club meetings, and licenses classes which have already been cancelled, I would suggest meetings of the Board, the Rules Committee, HSMM-MESH, and the Kit Building Workshop might exceed 10 participants on a good day, making it ill advised to have such meetings in the club house.  We can't close all access to the club house, but, we must not violate the Governor's order either.  Therefore we are already making plans to hold our April Board Meeting by teleconference.  If anyone wants to hold a group meeting by repeater, teleconference, Skype or some other service, please feel free to do so.  We may even have to hold a Membership Meeting by teleconference to pass spending measures.   Watch the web site for details.       

Spring Technician Class is Back - Now Online

Good news for a change. The club has just pruchased a "Zoom" subscription.  This will allow us to provided our Spring Technician Class and perhaps the General License Class to follow online Saturday mornings from 8:30am till noon, just as we did in the club house.  To participate all you need is a web browser.  You can even take the class using a cell phone, or watch it on your PC and listen by telephone.   I should also mention that your club President and Training director is feeling much better this week.  Still not perfect, but much better. 

Anne Arundel Radio Club Meetings Soon to be Online Too

With our new "Zoom" subscription we expect to hold our March Board Meeting online but at the usual night and time.  Members are welcome and details on how to do that will be forthcoming.  Similarly we plan to hold our April 16 Membership Meeting online.  This will be a shortened meeting as at this point we have no presentation but we will have several spending Motions that willl need Membership attention.  If you wish to prepare early, you might want to download a free copy of "Zoom" from and view some of the YouTube tutorials.  It is quite simple to use.  It helps if you have a mic and cam on your computer, but its not actually necessary.    

Public Service Events Cancelled

Eric Graves, WA3G, our Public Service Events Coordinator informs me that just as the B&A Trail Marathon was cancelled, so is the Cherry Pitt event, and our participation for the Emily Schindler Memorial Scholarship Event.  The next event still on the calendar is the METAVivor event in late may, which is also likely to be cancelled.  Watch for further details.

Vienna Wireless Winterfest!2020 Postponed

The Winterfest!2020, with AUXCOMM conference, and VE Testing has all been postponed.  We just don't know till when.  COVID-19 strikes again.

Delmarva Amateur Radio and Electronics Expo Cancelled

This event previously scheduled for April 18th at the Cheer Community Center in Georgetown Delaware, and sponsored by the Sussex Amateur Radio Assn. has been cancelled. It wasn't for lack of interest.


The big daddy of all hamfests, the famous Dayton Hamfest, which in recent years has moved to Xinia, Ohio has now cancelled.  For details on the cancelation see:

For those who haven't heard, a specail on air event will be held instead on Hamvention weekend.  We expect to have all the details shortly.