Training News

AARC is offering a number of courses this year.  In addition to our Technician classes which start in late February and early in October, and our General class which starts in late April, it is our goal to have two more offerings in 2022.  And we need your help.

We hope to be teaching Morse Code for those interested starting sometime this winter.  We are still seeking people to help with the instruction to make this happen.  We are also trying to gauge interest.  So if you've always wanted to learn CW, and you can spare an hour a day, 3 or 4 days a week, starting at 6pm, likely we can give you the skills you need to get started.  Please let us know of your interest by going to the Course Preregistration page of this website under Classes/Exams. 

Our spring Technician License Course starts on February 26th.  We have some flyers made up, but they need distributed to area libraries, churches, grocery stores and anywhere with a bulletin board.  So feel free to download all 3, print and distribute.  The files are called Off Road, Camping and Sailing

Then this summer, we take on something we've not done before, and Amateur Extra License Course.  At this point we are making good progress creating PowerPoint presentations of the materials for the class.  Our goal is to cover all the needed topics, and every single possible test question in the exam question pool from which the tests are created.

Because Rol Anders, K3RA teaches his Amateur Extra classes in winter, we have opted to teach during the summer.  Yes we know its vacation time, and nobody wants to miss their weekend at the beach.  So our class is tentatively scheduled for Monday nights 6:30pm till 9:00pm for 12 weeks beginning July 11th.  We'd start earlier, but the first Monday in July is the 4th. 

Yes, we plan to record each class in MP4, and make them available to class members from out Training Google Drive.  So if you go on a week's vacation or have to miss a lesson, you can catch up on your own schedule. 

Again we are trying to gauge interest, so if you are interested, please go to the Course Preregistration page of this website under Classes/Exams and preregister. 

And like all our AARC Classes, you need not be a member to participate.  So bring your friends.

Keith Miller, Training Director, AARC