Help Fill Our Technician License Class

As Training Director, I need your help..  Saturday Feb 29th, we start our Spring Technician License Class.  As of Feb 9, its a 13 person class, and we want a 20+ person class.   Links to flyer downloads are below.

Here is where you come in.  Ed Santilli (WB3YMU), our Information Officer has been nice enough to produce 5 first class flyers.  They can be put up or handed out anywhere.  Two are made for the average user.  They can be put up in Churches, Libraries, Grocery Stores, anywhere there is a public bulletin board.  The third flyer was made for the boater, who may already know the advantages of having Ham Radio along with your Marine Radio when off shore.  It has removable tags with contact infomation.  But it needs to be put up in Marinas, boating stores, and other places where boaters will see them.  The fourth flyer is aimed at Boy Scouts interested in getting their Radio Merit Badge.  The last of the five flyers is aimed at the Off Roader.  Ham radio is the thing to have when you're out in the woods. 

All you need to do is download what you want, print out a few, and distribute them as needed.  You know your neighborhood way better than I do.  Please help me get the word out so we can fill up the classroom, and add a few new members to our fine hobby.  Click on each to read or download it.

2020 Spring Technician Flyer - For Everyone #1

2020 Spring Technician Flyer - For Everyone #2

2020 Spring Technician Flyer - For the Boater

2020 Spring Technician Flyer - For the Boy Scouts

2020 Spring Technician Flyer - For the Off-Roader