I Moved It

This morning I got two suggestions from Board Member Doug Elllmore (NA1DX).  The first was that we might want to move the "Login" from the bottom of the left sidebar to the top.  It seems to get lost down there, and many might not logon as a result.  The second was that we needed contact information for our various committee heads and team leaders. 

On the first issue, I moved the "User Menu" which includes the login block of code to the tope of the left sidebar.  I went one further and moved the "Who's Online" up to just below the "User Menu".  Now you can login more easily and see who's online with you. 

On the second issue, well, I thought I took care of that a while back when I created the Contact Us web page found in the Participation pulldown menu.  Obviously, Doug didn't know it was there.  He's a pretty savy guy, so if he didn't know it was there, that meant a lot of others don't know it either. 

So I added a third block to the top of the left sidebar, below "User Menu" and "Who's Online" called "Contact Us", giving you access Via Email from the "Contact Us" page or Via Postal Mail at the address found on the Directions. page.  I hope everyone approves of the changes.

Keith Miller (AE3D)