Is Your Name Elmer?


Alfred E Newham from 73 magazine_1_0.jpgA lot of new hams feel much like this fellow on the left, from a rather famous cover of "73" Magazine from 1967.  For sure, they need help. 

I am wondering just how many  members would be willing to mentor one person new to ham radio each year?  I know that we are all busy folks, and that mentoring a whole class full of new Technicians is too much for most of us.  But what about one person new to the hobby.  We get about 30 or so of these folks as members every year.  Some need lots of help, some only a little.  If you are interested please email and let me know.  So far we have 13 volunteers who want to help out.  We could use a dozen more.  Hopefull, we can start assigning hams to new Technicians before this spring's Technician Class graduates.  Thanks for considering it.