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I know there are a lot of Bowie area members to the AARC club, so hopefully this isn't too off topic...
CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) is a certification that individuals can receive. It involves many levels of community emergency response, and disaster preparedness. Bowie, MD has started a CERT team, and anyone living in the Bowie Area is welcome to come to the meetings and sign up for the training. Here's the text from a flyer from the Bowie CERT team organizer... 73s N3USP

Are You Interested in attending a CERT (for details course in Bowie?

The class is 24 hours long.  It is divided into six 3-hour segments (total 18) plus one 6-hour Saturday disaster drill segment making a grand total of 24 hours.

Classes will begin in April on Wednesday evenings and continue into May. The classes will be held at Bowie City Hall except for the Saturday class. The Bowie CERT group invites you to join their group when you have successfully passed this course – for more details concerning this contact Shirley Robertson, Bowie CERT Coordinator, Bowie & Prince George’s County CAC member and CPAAA member – see email address below.

Please register by calling the Public Safety/Emergency Management office in Bowie at 301-809-3079 or emailing Alan Creveling at As soon as 15 people are registered, Alan will secure instructors and will get definite dates for the class in April.
I look forward to meeting you at your first class!

Shirley A. Robertson & Company, LLC
12023 Twin Cedar Lane
Bowie, MD  20715

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Busted link! The correct URL

Busted link!

The correct URL is:



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Sorry about that, took the text directly from the letter that was sent out, I shoulda validated the address.... Thanks!